blow out ur candles...

& make a wish...ok there may not be any buttercream iced store brought sheet cake OR gallon sized 3 flavor ice cream involved (but I mean you can always...pretend). but as far as wishes go there is something that comes close. drum roll pleazz...BRAZILIAN WISH BRACELETS ...thx my dear friend Allie everyone in the Baltimore/Metro area is pretty stoked.

so what are these little luck/wish charms???

so some "blackle-ing", yes "blackle-ing" (get GREEN people) revealed some of the basics...

  • they are made in Bahia, Brazil

  • they are wish ribbions or "fitas" in Portuguese

  • the pharse on them which means In Remembrance of the Savior of Bahia or Souvenir from the God of Bahia

  • they are tied a special way...with 3 knots for 3 wishes

**Senor do Bonfim is another term for Jesus**

the ones my friend purchased proceeds go to helping a church/orphanage in Brazil. they've been showing up on alot of "celebs" lately so i guess you could consider them a trend but...you know me...

Brazilian wishessss & ♥



you are the the master...of the GHETTO BLASTER

I know its been ages since I last wrote. I've been crazy busy & stuff....there is a sliver lining to all of this....EARRINGS!!! On a day of extreme bordom (in math class...sigh), & upset-ness at my tranished bamboo's...an idea was born. NEWSPAPER COVERED BAMBOO EARRINGS!! so far they have been a big hit, so I thought I would share it with you...so here does:


get those tarnished sad-looking bamboo earrings out from hiding
get the following things:

  1. earrings

  2. matte mod podge

  1. a hanger

  2. newspaper

  3. paint brush

  4. fun colored paint

shred paper into strips of desired size. cover earrings with newspaper & mod podge...remeber those old paper mache projects....like that. then let dry for a while, 30 mins-1. then splatter with paint & let chill over night (use coat hanger for this). after that long awaited drying time, cover in another layer of mod podge...for safety & let be for another 30 mins....& ur done son!!
love, peace, and crafty-ness,





there was Buffy...oh the 90's

recently after watching an episode my love for half/the ones that only come JUST at ur waist shirts, sweaters, etc was renewed. & apparently i'm not the only one who feels that way. Betsey Johnson is feeling it too. in her fall 09 candy colored collection she included them. i feel like they just add a bit of chill to an outfit...or maybe thats just me.

half shirts dreamz & 90's love,


fill up that TANK...or walk

this has been on my mind for awhile,

it was a fall day in Nordstroms when i 1st saw the "tank dress". basically a tank top upper half & fancy skirt bottom half. i like it...alot. do u hear a DIY...oh yes!! these are from LF Markey of the UK. i just love the geometry of the skirts...they're a flash back to my "felt & glue" days. just had to put these up because they're just so ascetically pleasing. but has far as me making these i'm thinking floral.

the comfort of a t-shirt+the girlyness of a skirt= the tank dress...si si <3's

creativity & love,



you.better.check.the.DUE DATE...*honey*

only a couple more days...from nylonmag.com until CUSTO BARCELONA!!

just another day...in the life,

Marc Jacobs: no one but marc. brilliant, full on, 80's madness...shoulder pads are making a come back, yes!!! i've been wearing 'em for the last couple of months (their in ALL my thifted stuff) they're a real +++ if you have no shoulders...like me!

Organic By John Patrick: It was always my dream to become a librarian when i was a kidd (dont laugh). Maybe it was John Patrick's as well. Beige, plaids, slouchy silhouettes all get a new twist with this organic line. because green in not the new black...its here to STAY

Carolina Herrera: She is class, but you can see she had some fun with this line. triangles and breezy skirts. its like Jane Austen & Picasso had a baby in the form of a clothing line...if that makes sense?

Tracy Reese: her & John Patrick must have been vibing. because its crazy how similar, yet not similar, their collections where. geeky specs and all...intersante! but ms. Reese did add some color: mauve, turquoise, peach, it was a nice soft fall palette, no gloom here. she also used the old skool pinned hair veil thing, which i adore...

and, in case you still just cant wait for CUSTO BARCELONA's line (i know i'm counting down the secs) here is an article from style.com to hold you over.



PAPER {dreams} & plastic ♥'s

Spring 2009 Fashion Week has come & gone...Fall 2009 is now upon us. But this peice still inspires me. i was never good at oragami, but i'll try & give this a shott.

creative thoughts abound....

*style.com source for photo*